Bone Spur Treatment in Shreveport, LA

What is a Bone Spur?

As cartilage begins to wear down over time in a joint it is common for bone spurs to form as they attempt to replace the missing cartilage.This gradual degeneration is completely natural, though sometimes can be worsened by wearing improper footwear or by engaging in high-impact sports that can damage the feet.

A bone spur is a bony growth that protrudes near the edge of the affected joint in the foot. It is common for bone spurs to appear on both the heel as well at toward the top of the foot where the toes meet the ball of the foot.

Dr. Angelo Morreale provides treatment for bone spurs at The Foot Institute in Shreveport. Learn more about your treatment options for bone spurs and call us at (318) 797-3668 to schedule your appointment today!

What Are the Symptoms of a Bone Spur?

Many individuals with bone spurs never develop any noticeable symptoms. As a result, many of these growths are not diagnosed until an imaging test is performed that reveals the internal structure of the foot.

Those that are aware of their bone spurs will typically experience different symptoms depending on what area of the body the spurs have developed upon. In general, bone spurs will cause:

  • Pain
  • Cramping
  • Swelling
  • Muscle spasms
  • Limited mobility of the joint

Much of the pain caused by a bone spur of the foot stems from nerves that are pinched or compressed by it. If this occurs along the spine it is also possible for patients to experience numbed or weakened sensations in their arms or legs due to manipulation of the spinal cord by the bone spurs.

Treatment for Bone Spurs in Shreveport, LA

It is always advised to seek treatment from a podiatrist if you notice any abnormalities involving your joints such as persistent pain or limited range of motion. In the case of bone spurs, it is much better to address the issue sooner rather than later as spurs do have the potential to cause permanent damage to the spinal cord or other nearby structures.

Simple non-invasive treatment options are often suitable for resolving the symptoms associated with bone spurs of the foot. However, if you have already exhausted all non-surgical options, we highly encourage you to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist, Dr. Angelo Morreale, to discover how you can find relief from your constant discomfort. To contact our office in Shreveport or Natchitoches, please call (318) 797-3668 today!

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