Foot Callus Treatment in Shreveport & Natchitoches, LA

What are Foot Calluses?

Foot calluses are rough and often painful areas of thickened usually found on the bottom of your feet, heel, or big toe. They are the result of long and intense periods of pressure or friction to your feet. While these skin conditions are not harmful, they can be very painful while performing simple activities. If left unattended, they can open and become infected from outside bacteria, which can lead to further complications.

Dr. Angelo Morreale provides treatment for foot calluses at The Foot Institute in Shreveport and Natchitoches. Learn more about your treatment options for foot calluses and call us at (318) 797-3668 to schedule your appointment today!

Causes of Foot Calluses

  • Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Wearing shoes without socks
  • Walking around barefoot regularly
  • Standing for extended periods of time every day
  • Irregular walking or running motion

Calluses tend to be light-brown or yellowish in color and they may feel rough or uneven on the surface of the skin. Because they are formed around areas of high friction, you will likely feel it on bony areas of your feet that typically rub against the inside of your shoe.

If calluses are addressed quickly they can be treated before they become inflamed, but they can sometimes be hard to spot, especially if the callus has not broken through the skin yet. Here are common symptoms of foot calluses:

  • Protruding or hardened bump
  • Thick, patchy area of skin
  • Skin that is overly flakey or has a wax-like feeling
  • Painful area under your skin

What are the Treatments for Foot Calluses?

Most treatment options for foot calluses can be found over-the-counter at your local drug store. Here are examples of at-home treatments that you may find helpful:

  • Apply moisturizing cream with salicylic acid, urea, or ammonium lactate once a day to the desired area.
  • Protective pads or insoles that are slipped inside your shoe to decrease the amount of pressure and friction. They can also be customized to accommodate any physical disabilities.
  • Use an over-the-counter callus remover. These have strong acids that will help peel the excess skin away.
  • Use a pumice stone or emery board to file the thickened skin after soaking your feet in warm water.

In order for these treatments to work properly, they need to be done on a consistent basis for long-lasting results. If not, the product you bought won’t be as effective and you will need to visit your doctor the next time that issue arises.

When Should You Visit The Foot Institute?

If your calluses are causing significant pain, or if the condition worsens over time, you may want to visit your podiatrist to receive specialized treatments. The doctor will try to gauge the situation by asking questions about your lifestyle and if you have had calluses arise before. Once the doctor narrows down a list of treatment plans, they will discuss which treatment is most appropriate.

Typically, the doctor will look to remove the hardened outside skin cells before removing the callus. Then, the doctor will likely provide you with patches containing salicylic acid which you will have to replace periodically to keep the area clean.

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