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Metatarsalgia Treatment

Individuals with chronic pain in the ball of their foot are often diagnosed with a condition called metatarsalgia. This pain is caused by inflammation that exists between the arch and toes of the foot.

Dr. Angelo Morreale provides treatment for metatarsalgia at The Foot Institute in Shreveport. Learn more about your treatment options for metatarsalgia and call us at (318) 797-3668 to schedule your appointment today!

Risk Factors for Developing Metatarsalgia

Absolutely anyone can develop metatarsalgia, though it is particularly common in runners and other athletes who frequently engage in high impact activities.

Those with a preexisting high arch in their foot are also quite likely to develop pain in the ball of their foot, as this puts an increased amount of weight and pressure on the forefront of the feet. This same situation can come about by wearing high heels on a regular basis.

Another common contributor to the development of metatarsalgia is having other deformities of the foot such as:

What Does Metatarsalgia Feel Like?

Individuals with chronic pain in the ball of the foot are likely to experience pain that is either sharp, aching, or burning in nature. It is also possible to feel a variety of these different sensations depending, which often occur while the person is running, walking, or even simply standing.

Many people also notice tingling or numbness within their toes as a result of metatarsalgia. This sort of numbness can be a particularly concerning issue, as it may inhibit the individual from detecting a new wound or possible infection of the toe(s).

Foot Pain Treatment Options in Natchitoches, LA

Without treatment, persons with pain in the ball of their foot are at risk for developing a number of other foot problems such as hammertoe. This condition can also begin to affect the lower back or other areas of the body due to the fact that the pain of metatarsalgia will cause an individual to adjust their gate or stance in order to find relief.

There are a number of ways in which you can treat metatarsalgia without surgery, though advanced cases of this condition will often warrant surgical intervention by Dr. Angelo Morreale. If you are interested in learning more about these treatments and how you can prevent chronic pain in the ball of the foot, please call (318) 797-3668 today to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

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